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This website is built in accordance with the design principles of the "Barrier -free Web Development Specification". Following the specifications of the design of the barrier -free website, it provides web guide bricks (:: :), website guides (SITE NAVIGATOR), keyboard fast keys (Access Key) Design.

The main block content and fast keys of this website are set as follows: as follows:

Alt+U:The functional block above, including loans, credit cards and digital finance.
Alt+C:The central content block is the main content area of this website.
Alt+Z:Functional block below.

If your browser is Firefox, the use of fast keys is to use Alt+Shift+ Quick key letter For example Alt+Shift+C It will jump to the central block of the webpage, and so on.

In addition, if you are a Mac user, the use of the fast key is to use Control+Option+Quick key letter

If the above methods are not available, it is recommended to check whether there is a customized fast key.

The browser fast key operation description:

browser \ system Windows Linux Mac
Firefox Alt + Shift + Quick key letter Firefox 57 AboveControl + Option + Quick key letter or Control + Alt + Quick key letter
Firefox 14 Above Control + Alt + Quick key letter
Firefox 13 AboveControl + Quick key letter
Internet Explorer Alt + Quick key letter
Alt + Shift + Quick key letter
Edge None Control + Option + Quick key letter
Control + Option + Shift + Quick key letter
Google Chrome Alt + Quick key letter
Safari None
※ When the project tip of this website cannot be selected in the mouse, you can use the following keyboard operation methods to browse the information:

Or :Press the left -right or up and down key to move the label order.

Tab:After staying after this label, you can use itTab Blind the content to browse the information, please use it when encountering a radio button (Radio) Or The order of the key mobile project.

Tab + Shift:Push Tab + Shift You can jump back to the previous data; you can continue to use when jumping back to the label item Or Key moving label sequence