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CoIC is established to address the following vision on future human lives.

AI as an infrastructure

Much like computers, the Internet and smartphones, AI will not be used as a standalone service but will become part of the infrastructure for everyday activities. In the near future, we will not ask the question “Do you use AI?” Instead, we will ask “Which AI version or generation do you use?” Just like smartphones now are an integrated part of our personal, social, financial and professional operations, AI will play a key role in our daily decisions and interactions with other people and systems. AI will be in everything, everywhere and for everyone.

Globalization as a lifestyle

The world is becoming smaller, not in physical size but in culture, commerce and connection. All of us are citizens of the global society. We may live in different parts of the world, but we are competing with talents from different corners of this planet. Most of our young people will work for companies that are key players in the global market. To be a successful professional, being able to work and think globally will be the most basic quality. To effectively collaborate with people from all over the world, global communication skills for mutual understanding will be essential. Finally, to design and appreciate the best product of the world, a global living and learning experience may provide the most critical insight!

College for learning the art of learning

Many of us attend college to get a diploma. Learning is the way to reach that goal. However, learning will not and should not stop after graduation. In all technology fields, especially in IT and AI, new innovation and revolution are the norm. Pursuing an advanced degree in AI is to learn the art of learning, both for machines and humans. College is a place to immerse ourselves in amazing innovative ideas, just like kids walking into a candy store. Learning will be so much fun for AI professionals, especially if we are learning to teach machines, and humans, to learn!



CoIC aims to provide

  • the most advanced science and technology for building intelligent applications;
  • an environment where faculty and students live and learn in a truly international education style;
  • an immersive learning experience to allow students to grow and to be capable of lifelong learning;
  • seamless connections between academic and industry, domestic and international, university and our society.