Get to know more about Chang Gung University


Chang Gung University was first established in April 1987 as Chang Gung Medical College. To meet the needs of Taiwan’s economic development, the university later introduced the College of Engineering and the College of Management to provide comprehensive teaching and research programs in the fields of medicine, engineering, and management. Comprising of three colleges, Chang Gung Medical College was approved by the Ministry of Education to be re-named as Chang Gung University in 1997.

The university’s motto is “diligence, perseverance, frugality, and trustworthiness”, which is also the business principle of Formosa Plastics Corporation. The motto is also shared by the two other universities founded by Formosa Plastics Corporation as their educational principles. The founder of the university, drawing from his successful experience, encouraged these three universities’ students to work diligently and take practical and realistic actions.

Studies: To achieve the goal of life-long learning, the university places more emphasis on self-guided learning behaviors such as “how to learn” and "new knowledge acquisition”, than on traditional knowledge and skill one-way instruction. The university will continue reforming educational methods, and gradually introduce interactive solution-seeking curriculum.

Research: Chang Gung University is a research intensive university. We provide our academic staffs with lucrative research funds, space, equipment, and facilities. We also have rewarding schemes to encourage academic publication. The university has proven record of research achievement, and is on the way to a leading research university. At the moment, the research focus is on molecular medicine studies, and we are actively developing a comprehensive top-notch research center.

Liaison with industries: In order to apply our research to practice, we encourage theory-based research which is applicable to real world. We also encourage the use of resources from industries. In addition to working closely with Formosa Plastics Group and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the university also has industry-liaison schemes for our academic staffs to work with domestic companies and organizations. By collaborating with industries and promoting industry-cooperated research, we look forward to making more contributions to Taiwan.

Art and humanities: Chang Gung University highlights the importance of art, humanity, and self-discipline education. We offer an array of general education courses for our students. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in humanitarian care and social service oriented societies or associations. Other approaches to implement self-discipline education include dormitory self-management groups, classroom-tiding activities, and dormitory-tiding competition.


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