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Mission Statement of Chang Gung University

During the period of 1970s, the quality and improvement of healthcare in Taiwan did not match that of the economy of Taiwan. Because of his concern of this disparity and because of his belief that a successful enterprise should give what it obtained from the society back to the society, Mr. Yung-Ching Wang, the founder of the Formosa Plastics Group, established Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in 1976. With its many pioneering and innovative policies and practices, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital opened a new chapter of the history of healthcare in Taiwan in the ensuing years. Mr. Yung-Ching Wang also determined that there was a serious shortage of quality medical professionals in Taiwan; he subsequently founded the Chang Gung Medical College in 1987 aimed at training more and better medical professionals. With later addition of the College of Engineering and College of Management, the Chang Gung Medical College was upgraded to Chang Gung University in September of 1997.
 “Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness” is the motto of Chang Gung University, which reminds and encourages our students and faculty to maintain a simple and hardworking lifestyle, always in pursuit of excellence and never satisfied with the second best. To achieve this goal, Chang Gung University developed close collaborations with industry for both research and training. One of the central themes of education at CGU is to integrate theory with practice, which strengthens the readiness and competitiveness of our students when they entering the employment market. The emphasis of our research and training in the fields of medicine, engineering and management are as follows.
 Medicine: Chang Gung University has invested and will continue to invest great efforts in recruiting best scientists from Taiwan and overseas with diverse expertise to join its faculty. This effort, when combined with past records of best utilization of the extensive and broad medical resource of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, will guarantee a high quality of teaching environment for our medical and paramedical students.
Engineering: In line with our philosophy of balance between theory and practice, Chang Gung University emphasizes academic-industry cooperative research, which focuses on addressing practical issues. Chang Gung University has many collaborative research and training programs with companies within the Formosa Plastics Group. These programs prepare our engineering students with sufficient skills to solve various problems, offer students opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge, and cultivating outstanding and competent engineers required by the nation’s industry.
Management: Through the support of facilities, resources as well as outstanding and very successful management experience from the Formosa Plastics Group, our faculty and students can access exceptional resource for their research and training. We also forged a close alliance with well-known foreign universities, which allows international exchange of faculty and students to equip our students with international views and multicultural experience.
Looking ahead, Chang Gung University will continue pursue improvement and enhancement in teaching, research, industry-academic cooperation and international exchange. Chang Gung University will also persist in the philosophy of humanity concerns and serving others. In the end, Chang Gung University wishes to excel in our performance in cutting-edge research fields as well as fostering outstanding students with high integrity, specialized knowledge and willingness to become lifelong learners.
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