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Focus of Development

The CGU is developing toward a specialist research university. We combine enterprise resources, promote industrial-academic cooperation and internationalize the school affairs in order to turn the CGU into a specialist university for medical service, biotechnology, high-tech and management. Our goals in practice are:

  1. To strengthen all existing departments and to open new characteristic departments without affecting the quality of teaching and consulting for students.
  2. To promote the integration of interdisciplinary research and reinforce international cooperation in research in order to become a specialist research university.
  3. To enhance teaching quality and to encourage the improvement of teaching technique, curricular design and teaching evaluation.
  4. To reinforce industrial-academic cooperation, innovative technology R&D, and technology transfer.
  5. To enforce the policy of combining theory to practice, to promote focused programs, and to strengthen the foundational education of humanities, social science and natural sciences.
  6. To recruit excellent teaching staffs.
  7. To increase software and hardware teaching and research equipment to provide better teaching and research facilities.
  8. To continue the campus construction and landscape planning in coordination with the campus expansion project to enrich life and recreational facilities.
  9. To promote education relating to humanities and concern for the society, to promote the moral value with focus on social ethics.
  10. To promote internationalization of school affairs.

Overall campus planning 

The CGU has launched the Overall Campus Planning to meet the need of overall school development. Contents of the planning include landscape, green land, parking, school buildings, sport, recreational and environmental facilities, in order to improve the overall campus facility. In addition to the completion of the on-campus recreational area behind the library, the following environmental, landscape and recreational works are under planning:
  • The beautification of the square (plaza) in front of the Medical Building, Management Building and the Second Medical Building; the corridor connecting these building, and a recreation area.
  • The planning and feasibility survey of the new driveway of the school.
  • The gallery (also cultural gallery) in the dormitory site and the shelter for the hiking path.
  • Creative Campus Space and Landscape Planning, including the landscape and recreation facility reengineering of the herb garden and pond in front of the Medical Building.
  • Overall planning of the slope area connecting the new dormitories and Student center and the dormitories in the slope area, including the tennis court, rock climbing site, hiking path, vegetable garden, recreation area, and other outdoor recreational and environmental facilities.
  • Reinforced preservation of the newly purchased slope area of about 10.8ha according to the overall campus planning and development of a walking path for teachers and students.
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