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Location and Campus

The University's campus covers an area of 37.13 hectares; major structures include the Medical Science Building, Engineering Building, Third Teaching Building, Second Medical Science Building, student dormitories (2), Student Activity Center, and Library.
These buildings provide a total of 354,849 square meters of floor space. There is thus approximately 60.6 square meters of campus space and 57.9 square meters indoor space per student.  
The campus facilities are divided into three functional areas: teaching and research, recreation, and residential areas.
The teaching-research area consists of classrooms, discussion rooms, laboratories, offices, and the library. Roomy, well-equipped spaces make this area a superb environment for research and teaching. Residential areas, which include dormitories and recreational areas for faculty and students, are reasonably-priced and provide an excellent study environment. The fully-equipped student dormitories are capable of meeting all students' residential needs. In addition, our school also provides a full range of facilities for sports and extracurricular activities, including student association activity rooms, indoor space for cultural activities and leisure, and outdoor sports areas. As far as landscaped campus areas are concerned, the University currently has approximately 29 hectares of green lawns, and recreational facilities such as landscaped scenery and footpaths are planned. The campus is thus completely able to satisfy the living and recreational needs of students, faculty and staff.
To meet our long-term developmental needs, the University is currently building the third student dormitory building and the second student activity center, which will give new added floor space of 49,045 square meters and are expected to be completed by 2006.
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