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Educational Believes and Practice

Our faculty members aim to teach knowledge and moral conduct as well as theory and practice. Our aim is to train individuals who can put ideas into practice, who will study all their lives, and who want to cjavascript:void(0)ontribute to society. In order to accomplish this, we are actively recruiting and hiring expert specialists and scholars to serve at our school. We offer an outstanding environment for research and teaching, supported by ample research funding. Our grants and awards ensure that our instructors and researchers can devote their full attention to their work. As a team, we hope to achieve the following goals:
  1. Emphasis is placed on practical instruction. In addition to special courses designed to incorporate case studies and internships, we will offer programs in collaboration with other institutions or businesses. We aim for a perfect combination of theory and practice so that students can learn the virtue of a diligent and down-to-earth attitude.
  2. We will maintain a minimum number of students relative to instructors to ensure the highest possible teaching quality.
  3. Instruction assigns priority to problem solving. Students are encouraged to take the initiative to seek out problems and their solutions.
We regard it as our mission to promote interdisciplinary research projects and the creation of new academic knowledge. We want Chang Gung University to be known as a research-oriented institution.
We seek to foster sound values and good living skills among our students. We encourage our guidance instructors to attentively counsel students in living habits, class work, dormitory life, classroom cleanliness, work ethic, and rewards and punishments.
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