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President's Message

President:Chia-Chu Pao
Education is what drives the sustainable progress of human society. With education we let the next generation understand and develop themselves in order to settle down and get on with their pursuit. It is only through education that we can pass our experience and wisdom down to the next generation and ensure the continuation and progress of human society, as well as to make life more harmonious and better. In addition to cultivating professionals or intellects, the goal of university education is also to focus on the personality development and humanistic training of students. University students must have a broad vision and open mind. To pursue knowledge is important, but to shape the student's personality is equally important. Knowledge is important, but developing learning ability and the concept of lifelong learning is just as important. Therefore, since the CGU was founded, we have been attaching such education beliefs and the school motto—Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness—in order to pursue excellence and innovation by enhancing the school's education and research standards. Over the years, in addition to the external recognition of our achievements in running the school, the CGU has become the cradle of excellent medical, engineering and management professionals.
Running a school needs a lofty ideal, rich resources and a good learning environment. With the full support from the Board of Directors, the CGU has adequate resource and a healthy financial structure. Moreover, we have excellent faculty members, novel equipment and well-established administration. Furthermore, we receive abundant resources in the areas of medical practice and management from the Formosa Plastics Group and its affiliates, such as the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The well-planned campus and facilities can provide adequate space for learning, research and activities of students. In the following years, we will be expanding our campus to meet the development needs of individual colleges and departments. To attract more talented students and to lighten the financial burden of parents, we have adopted low tuition fee and high scholarship policy. Also, in consideration of the student's learning environment and financial condition, we have well-equipped dormitories to accommodate students who have housing need. Currently, the CGU has nearly 30 departments and graduate institutes in 3 colleges: the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, and the College of Management. We have a faculty of over 1,200 full-time and part-time teaching staffs and over 7,300 students. To ensure effective management of school affairs, we have well-drawn rules and regulations with focus on the efficiency of administration. Furthermore, all administration has been computerized and meetings of all levels and committees are operated in accordance with relevant organizational rules. We also have a President's box and email for all departments to allow students to address problems relating to these departments directly.
The CGU has established a solid foundation in pedagogy and research with the efforts of past Presidents. It is a great pleasure for me to be the President of CGU, and I shall continue this great tradition. I hope that the public can give us continual support, so that we can attract more talented students to join the CGU. In order to turn CGU into one of the world leading education institutions, I will continue to optimize school administration, strengthen the faculty, establish interdisciplinary research groups, and diversify the scope of research and the range of facilities by coordinating the equipment and professional human resource within the FPG. Furthermore, I will reinforce industrial-academic cooperation and enforce experiment-based and need-oriented instruction and research through revolutionary approaches in order to give more opportunities for teachers and students to apply that they have learned.
We have never changed our founding aim and have been running the school step by step in order to cultivate students into pillars of the society who can combine theory to practice and work diligently and practically in accordance with the CGU motto—Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness. In the future, we will continue our glorious tradition to cultivate more talented medical, engineering and management personnel. I personally hope that every CGU student can be a responsible person who upholds to high morality and shows concern for people and the society. Furthermore, I hope that they can keep the spirit of lifelong learning and develop critical thinking and reasoning ability in order to extend the CGU tradition, to respect and maintain the campus ethics, to develop the excellent campus culture, and to create the bright future together.
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