Our Philosophy of Education

After Mr. Wang Yung-ching, the founder of Chang Gung University, established Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in 1976, he continued his mission to help Taiwan improve the medical quality and standards as well as to find a solution to the shortage of Taiwan’s medical professionals. Therefore, he established Chang Gung Medical College in April, 1987. In order to meet the needs of Taiwan’s economic development, Chang Gung Medical College introduced the College of Engineering and the College of Management to provide comprehensive teaching and research programs in the fields of medicine, engineering, and management. In August 1997, Chang Gung Medical College was approved by the Ministry of Education to be re-named as Chang Gung University. Now the university is composed of the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, and the College of Management.

The university places a strong emphasis on teaching quality. Through the industry-university liaison scheme and factory internship, our students have every opportunity to develop their skills in anticipation of entering the workforce. In terms of our research development, clinical medicine and fundamental medicine are the two cornerstones for our Research Development Center. We look forward to developing into a leading research university in the world.

The university’s motto is “diligence, perseverance, frugality, and trustworthiness”. We expect everyone in Chang Gung University to work diligently and work on the rightful things, in order to build up experiences, wisdom, and confidence. In addition, we also expect our students, staffs, and faculties to live simple lives, so they can focus on the goals they wish to achieve. These qualities, coupled with the professional knowledge and skills, can help us make meaningful contributions.

Apart from developing students’ professional knowledge and practical skills, we highlight the importance of ethics, morality, and art appreciation. In addition to the ability to learn and the belief in life-long learning, students graduating from Chang Gung University should have broad perspectives and remain open-minded.

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