Characteristics and outlook of Chang Gung University


Taiwan has transformed itself into a global economic powerhouse in the 1970s. At the same time, Taiwan still fell behind most of the developed countries in its medical quality and standards and required immediate improvement. Pondering over the shortage of medical resources, the founder of Formosa Plastics Corporation Mr. Wang Yung-ching established the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in 1976, in order to make a meaningful contribution to Taiwan’s society. This turned Taiwan’s medical history over to a new page. In 1987, Chang Gung Medical College was established to fulfill the need for more medical professionals. Chang Gung Medical College made its primary goal to trained competent and qualified medical professionals for Taiwan. Chang Gung Medical College was renamed to Chang Gung University in 1997 after the College of Engineering and the College of Management were added.

The university’s motto is “diligence, perseverance, frugality, and trustworthiness”. We expect our students to develop a down-to-earth attitude, and to work diligently on their studies and future career. The ultimate goal is to see our students grow to their full potential. To achieve this, the university views it is essential to merge the theoretical knowledge with workplace practice. The following are the future development goals for the three major teaching and research fields.

1. Medicine: We will continue to recruit outstanding academics domestically and internationally to enrich our teaching resources. We will also continue to strengthen the teaching and research environment. We also have a comprehensive medical system our students to conduct their clinical practice and to develop their medical knowledge and skills.

2. Engineering: The goal is to place equal importance on theoretical and applied engineering research and education. By better utilizing the plentiful resources of Formosa Plastics Corporation, students can conduct their research and internship and further understand the up-to-date trends of engineering practice. We expect to train our students to be equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, in order to meet the demands of the engineering industry.
3. Management: We will utilize the successful management model of Formosa Plastics Corporation and its resources for students to acquire management knowledge. At the same time, we also actively promote cooperative research schemes with international scholars, and encourage our academic staffs and students to work closely with their overseas counterparts. The ultimate goal is to broaden students’ perspective, enrich their cross-cultural experiences, and train management professionals who are equally equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experiences.

In terms of the future development, the university will keep strengthening and improving its research and teaching, encouraging cooperation with industries and international organizations. In addition to meeting the needs of society, the university also highlights the importance of ethics and integrity. We hope to foster ethical individuals who possess professional knowledge. At the same time, our students will be equipped with strong learning skills and will become life-long learners.

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