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  • Special Exhibition of Genetics and Heredity by Three Czech Museums and Chang Gung University
    The Special Exhibition of Genetics and Heredity has been held since September 21 in the Formosa Plastics Group Museum by three Czech museums and Chang Gung University. This is the first time for the Formosa Plastics Group Museum to host a tour exhibition after...
  • The 4th International Conference on Health Care and Management
    The 4th International Conference on Health Care and Management (ICHM 2018) was held on September 18-21, 2018 at the Shengeng Lecture Hall in the Management Building of Chang Gung University. The international conference was hosted by the College of Management of Chang Gung University. The...
  • Special Exhibition of Genetics and Heredity by Three Czech Museums and Chang Gung University
  • The 4th International Conference on Health Care and Management
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11. About CGU

11.1 CGU's Story

11.1.1 A Brief History of Chang Gung University

11.1.2 President's Message

11.1.3 Mission Statement of Chang Gung University

11.1.4 Educational Believes and Practice

11.1.5 Core Abilities of Graduates

11.1.6 Organization Chart

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12. Academics

12.1 College of Medicine

12.1.1 School of Medicine

12.1.2 School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

12.1.3 School of Nursing

12.1.4 Department of Biomedical Sciences

12.1.5 Department of Respiratory Therapy

12.1.6 Department of Physical Therapy

12.1.7 Department of Occupational Therapy

12.1.8 Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences

12.1.9 Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science

12.1.10 Department of Anatomy

12.1.11 Department of Pathology

12.1.12 Department of Public Health and Parasitology

12.1.13 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

12.1.14 Department of Microbiology & Immunology

12.1.15 Department of Medical Humanities and Social Science

12.1.16 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

12.1.17 Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences

12.1.18 Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine Sciences

12.1.19 Graduate Institute of Early Intervention

12.1.20 Graduate Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Science

12.1.21 Graduate Institute of Natural Product

12.1.22 Graduate Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

12.1.23 Master's Degree Program in Molecular Medicine

12.1.24 Master & PhD Program in Biotechnology Industry

12.1.25 Master Degree Program in Healthcare Industry

12.2 College of Engineering

12.2.1 Department of Electrical Engineering

12.2.2 Department of Electronic Engineering

12.2.3 Department of Mechanical Engineering

12.2.4 Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

12.2.5 Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

12.2.6 Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering

12.2.7 Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering

12.2.8 Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering

12.3 College of Management

12.3.1 Department of Industrial and Business Management

12.3.2 Department of Industrial Design

12.3.3 Department of Information Management

12.3.4 Department of Health Care Management

12.3.5 School of Business

12.3.6 Graduate Institute of Business and Management

12.3.7 Program of CGU Information Security with Medical Applications

12.3.8 Program of Internet of Things(IoT) with Industrial Creative Applications

12.3.9 AACSB

12.4 Center

12.4.1 Center of General Education

12.4.2 Division of English

12.4.3 Center of Instrutional Resourse

13. Research

13.1 Research Center

13.1.1 Molecular Medicine Research Center

13.1.2 Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections

13.1.3 Green Technology Research Center

13.1.4 Clinical Informatics & Medical Statistics Research Center

13.1.5 Healthy Aging Research Center

13.1.6 Center for Biomedical Engineering

13.1.7 Research Center of Industry Innovation for the Senior Citizens
13.1.8 Research Services Center For Health Information
13.1.9 Institute for Radiological Research

13.1.10 Centre of Reliability Science and Technologies
13.1.11 Microbiota Research Center

13.1.12 Center for Molecular and Clinical Immunology

13.2 Library

13.2.1 Library

13.3 Publication

13.3.1 Biomedical Journal
13.3.2 Chang Gung Nursing

13.3.3 Chang Gung University Newsletter

13.3.4 Chang Gung Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

14. Administration & Services

14.1 Office of President

14.2 Office of Secretariat

14.3 Office of Personnel

14.4 Office of Accounting

14.5 Office of Environmental Safety and Hygiene

14.6 Office of Physical Education

14.7 Office of Academic Affairs

14.8 Center of Instructional Resourse

14.9 Language Center

14.10 Office of Technology Development and Industry Liaison

14.11 Center of Innovation and Incubation

14.12 Center of Technology Licensing and Patenting

14.13 Center of Sponsored Research and Collaborations

14.14 Office of Research and Development

14.15 Core Istrument Center

14.16 Microscopy Center

14.17 Laboratory Animal Center

14.18 Office of General Affairs

14.19 Office of Student Affairs

14.20 Institutional Research Center

14.21 Center for International Academic Cooperation

14.22 Computer Center

14.23 Library

14.24 Formosa Plastics Group Museum

14.25 Art Committee

14.26 Gender Education Committee of CGU

15. Achievements

15.1 Achievements of CGU

15.2 Research Achievement

15.3 Characteristics and outlook of Chang Gung University

15.4 Whole Person Education

16. International Affairs

17. In Focus

18. Spotlight

19. Event

20. Honors & Awards

21. Foreign Students Info

21.1 Admission for International Students

21.2 Scholarships & Financial Aids

21.3 International Students

21.4 Exchange Students


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